Want to watch some films with your whole family? At IFFR you can!

Family Short, on Wednesday 29 January, is a fun afternoon of films – from 15:00 to 16:30 hours – made up of a colourful collection of short animated films, documentaries and fiction films for children aged 8 and up and their parents. The selection covers all kinds of cheerful, recognisable topics, as well as more serious themes.

Tickets Adults €12, Kids (ages 8-12) €8


City Plaza Hotel by Anna Paula Hönig and Violeta Paus
City Plaza Hotel is a day in the life of Zhenos, an 11-year-old girl who fled Afghanistan with her family. She lives in the abandoned City Plaza Hotel in Athens with many other refugees. They don’t speak Greek, don’t know how long they’ll be allowed to stay or where else they can go.

Manen by Thomas Anglade, Maxime Announ, Lucie Dessertine and Estelle Saint-Jours
Birds can be so annoying sometimes! Sergio, a lonely fisherman, gets into a fight with a mean pelican who keeps stealing his fish. As soon as Sergio gets a bite, the pelican steals his fish. The fisherman gets angrier and angrier, and the fight gets out of control. Suddenly they both have a major problem.

Belles étoiles by Naïma Di Piero and Elhadj Sidibé
Quiet Jeanne is bullied at school, mainly by Ami and her friends. After school, she finds out that Ami and her mother have been kicked out of their home and are forced to live in their car. Initially, Jeanne uses this knowledge to get revenge on Ami, but when Ami starts being bullied, Jeanne starts to feel sorry for her.

Misguided by Sanghyun Kim
Tom is a poor guide dog for the blind. He is more interested in playing with tennis balls than in keeping his owner safe. The latter wanders onto a building site where all sorts of dangerous situations occur.

Athleticus – Course de demi-fond by Nicolas Deveaux
Athletics for wild animals. While an elephant throws the javelin, four pink flamingos are about to start a running race. They suddenly face unexpected competition from a new participant. Animated comedy with a surprising winner.

TURN IT AROUND by Boaz Oleander
When Anton and Esther want to help an elderly woman, they are accused of theft by racists and chased off. Their friends also often suffer racist abuse. Anton is angry and wants revenge, but soon realises that isn’t the right solution.

JovannaForFuture by Mirjam Marks
Inspired by Greta Thunberg, Jovanna has been protesting against the climate crisis outside Deventer town hall every Friday for six months now. We watch her protest and at home – she lives in a sustainable, earthen house with her parents. All that climate-neutral stuff can be difficult at times – for example, Jovanna’s parents won’t let her have desserts that are packaged in plastic. Candid portrait of a young climate activist who turns out not to be alone.

Films screened in this combined programme