British singer, songwriter and producer Mica Levi (also known by her stage name Micachu) has gained notoriety for her ‘intensely unconventional’ work as a film composer with such titles as Under the Skin and Jackie. Combining a classical training with experimental pop, Mica Levi also contributed to the soundtrack for Phil Collins' Ceremony, being screened at this year’s IFFR. And with her sister, video artist Francesca Levi, she shares a particular affinity with the universe of Parajanov.

In 2017 they created their own version of his classic The Colour of Pomegranates, renaming it The Colour of Chips. Following the screening of this short video, their talk will focus on their approach to translating film from one cultural context to another, and on the art of composing soundtracks for films that don’t exist. Francesca Levi: “We felt that British life being depicted in such a way has not yet existed. I am always interested in the extraordinary in the ordinary.”