Since the preparations for Our Music (2004), Swiss filmmaker Fabrice Aragno has worked with Godard in various creative roles, ranging from cinematographer, editor, producer, location sound man to post-production specialist. In parallel, Aragno also develops his own audio-visual universe, one that alternates between old footage and new technologies, but always with a delicate, emotional core.

Starting his career as a lighting specialist and stage manager, Aragno also developed a special interest in puppetry. Switching to film, he was immediately selected for Cannes with his short graduation work Dimanche (1998). In the meantime, Aragno has explored a variety of film styles, with an occasional excursion into the field of media installation. Aragno will elucidate the original inspiration for Suite lacustre, and his motivation for making it both a short film and an installation that follows a random edit algorithm. As a creator, Arango doesn’t obey any rules, which probably earned him the respect of Godard.

Also see Maquette expo (reportage amateur).