Filmmaker and artist Diana Vidrascu talks about her work including her new film Le silence des sirènes, a loose adaptation of a Kafka short story that has its global premiere at IFFR. In her films, photography and installations, Vidrascu examines analogue film techniques, thereby questioning the cinematic medium’s codes and conventions. By consistently interrupting the logical sequence of events she underlines memory’s fallibility as well as our subjective, individual experiences of time and reality.

Vidrascu completed a Master in Cinematography in Bucharest and subsequently moved to Paris. She has worked as director of photography for Louis Henderson, Emilija Skarnulyte, Julien Crépieux and Peter Snowdon, among others. Furthermore, she works for Re:Voir Video, an experimental film distributor. She debuted as a filmmaker in 2017 with the short films What Time Is Made Of and Gylfaginning – The Deluding of King Gylfi.