A harvest of outstanding features, the future classics of arthouse cinema. With the eight nominees for the VPRO Big Screen Award.

The films that are presented in Voices are driven by their powerful stories, their distinct characters, their captivating subjects and important themes. Each film brings a distinct viewpoint on the world we live in, told by filmmakers with a confident voice. The section includes:

Big Screen Competition

The VPRO Big Screen Award promotes the distribution of art-house cinema in the Netherlands. Eight new films are presented to an audience jury of five enthusiast film lovers, who will choose a winner they wholeheartedly recommend to the general art-house audience. This film will receive a guaranteed theatrical release in the Netherlands.

Voices Main Programme

Voices selects about twenty-five films from all corners of the world: well-known as well as new filmmakers present their personal take on the human condition. 


Limelight presents avant-premieres of some of the cinematic highlights of the year. Here, approximately thirty films that will be released in Dutch arthouse cinemas, have their first screening.


IFFR Live is a unique series of film events held simultaneously in cinemas and on selected VOD platforms throughout Europe and beyond. 


Eight evenings in a row a different music genre is explored in a characteristic setting with live extra’s. What links these documentaries is their attention to social backgrounds. It’s never just about the music.

Voices Shorts 

IFFR’s short film section is one of the largest and most significant showcases for short filmmaking and artists’ moving image in the world. The selection covers a spectrum of moving image practice that includes auteur-driven narrative works, experimental films, works by visual artists and films that refuse to be pinpointed to existing genres or styles.


Films in ‘Voices’