The power of short. Twenty-two films from the short film selection compete for one of three equal awards.

Short films can be found at many places during IFFR: as part of video installations, preceding feature films at Pathé premieres and, naturally, in combined programmes. Films between 1 and 65 minutes long, from all over the world. There are fiction films, experimental work and documentaries. Short films prove that filmmakers play with a whole range of cinematic forms and ideas.

The short films have their own competition at IFFR. What differentiates it from the Hivos Tiger Competition for feature-length films is the fact that it's not just for young and upcoming talents; all filmmakers have a chance at winning. About 20 to 25 short films (twenty-three in 2017) compete for three equal Ammodo Tiger Short Awards, each worth €5,000. The jury will also pick a film to go on to compete in the short films category of the annual European Film Awards (EFA).

Films in ‘Ammodo Tiger Short Competition’