Studio Erasmus


IFFR 2018

Studio Erasmus is the monthly talk show at Erasmus University about science and current affairs. Featuring interviews, mini lectures and live music. On Tuesday 30 January, during the special IFFR edition in English, the theme will be film.

Erasmus University on current affairs and the latest academic research – that’s Studio Erasmus. Intriguing, thought provoking, but always academically sound. On Tuesday 30 January 2017 in Theater Rotterdam, the programme includes, amongst others:

- Philosopher Robin van den Akker on the next big thing in philosophy – Metamodernism – and how it is reflected in the movies.

- The science behind Wonder Woman, Spider-Man and Wolverine: scientists Etienne F. Augé (EUR) and Barry Fitzgerald (TU Delft) on the how & why of superheroes.

- Is this what desire looks like? - Looking at brain activity tells us way more about our future choices than polls or surveys, marketing researchers have found. Alexander Genevsky (Stanford University, RSM) figured out a way to forecast the success of movie crowd-funding, using fMRI.

- Alexander Genevsky & Simone Driessen

- And: the attraction of unruly celebs - like Tonya Harding and Tom Cruise - explained by lecturer Simone Driessen.

And live music by Job Greuter, with a special interpretation of film soundtracks on piano.

Tuesday 30 January 2018 | 8.30 – 9.45 p.m. (doors open and live music from 8.00 p.m.) | Theater Rotterdam, Foyer Rotterdamse Schouwburg| Free admission, booking possible here.

Studio Erasmus is a programme presented by Studium Generale, Erasmus University, in partnership with the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Vers Beton and Theater Rotterdam. Presentation: Geert Maarse.