Film studios, business marketeers and media enterprises love to spark our imaginations about space exploration. The images they generate, however, usually are more regressive than future-oriented. Combining science with a critical creative practice, central speaker Angelo Vermeulen demonstrates how a diverse and multidisciplinary approach to futurist design can deliver us more relevant models for visualising our future.

His keynote will be preceded by talks and presentations on historical as well as the most current approaches to visualising space by a variety of speakers: Johann Lurf, Alejandro Bachmann, Kurt Vanhoutte, Natalija Majsova, Neal David Hartman and Cath Le Couteur. A symposium in association with the Lens-Based Media study path in the Media Design Programme at Piet Zwart Institute. With special support from the Swiss Embassy.

Mon 29 Jan, 10:00-18:00, Hilton Coolsingel, free admission