The filmmaking process of IFFR veterans Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi is both singular and radical. Their highly creative manipulation of found footage relating to early 21st Century warfare and colonialism has been shown in festivals and art spaces around the world. They tint, reframe and re-edit this material, speed it up or slow it down and add bespoke soundtracks, all the time adding power and longevity to images and sequences that are inherently fragile. In their installation Journey to Russia (1989-2017), presented at IFFR, they piece together traces of the Russian avant-garde throughout the 20th century. Moderated by Tate Modern curator Andrea Lissoni, the pair will explain and demonstrate their method.

Friday 26 January 2018 (12:00-13:30) - Hilton Le Jardin