Artur Żmijewski will engage in discussion with curator and writer Galit Eilat on his recent installation Realism (2017), his oeuvre in general and his attitude towards the persona of the artist. Considering both the content and the controversy surrounding some of his work, Żmijewski will talk about his efforts to shake up the status quo within the sphere of cultural production, where the artist is imagined as an exceptional individual who is prepared to be sacrificed for a certain Protestant code of conduct. According to this cultural script, Żmijewski fails as an artist to guide his audience along the correct moral path as he often portrays himself as dominator and manipulator. The pair will address how this hostile position mirrors the abuse and cruelty which is rooted in the reality Żmijewski works with.

Tuesday 30 January 2018 (12:00-13:30) - Hilton Rotterdam