Language – in its broadest sense – permeates the video, sound, installation and performance work of French multimedia artist Laure Prouvost. Known for her immersive and mixed-media installations that combine film and installation in humorous and idiosyncratic ways, Prouvost’s work addresses miscommunication and things getting lost in translation. Playing with language as a tool for the imagination, Prouvost is interested in confounding linear narratives and expected associations between words, images and meaning.

Laure Prouvost was born in 1978 in Croix-Lille, France, and lives and works in Antwerp. She was educated at Central St. Martins College of Arts and received an MFA at Goldsmith's College in London. In 2011 she received the Max Mara Prize for Women, and she was the first French artist to win the prestigious Turner Prize for contemporary art in 2013. IFFR has presented Laure's works since 2010 and her most recent DIT LEARN will have its world premiere at IFFR 2018.

Mon 29 Jan, 14:30, KINO 4, free admission