Since 1917, the year in which the British government’s Balfour declaration laid the groundwork for what would become Israel, the Palestinian territories have been an example of major social and political divisions. A highlighted fault line on the globe. Picture Palestine presents a visual journey through Palestinian cinema that depicts the tragedies, dreams, absurdity and hope tied to the Palestinian plight. In spite of the lack of equipment and funds, Palestine has developed its own cinematic subculture since the 1960s. From militant 1970’s films and stories from the occupied territories to contemporary experimental short films and science fiction. The programme will feature historic and new material that combines aesthetics, media, politics and contemporary art both in and outside the occupied territories. The exceptional Perpetual Recurrences (Reem Shilleh, 2016) that provides a crash course in Palestine’s cinematic representation over the past forty years, will have its European premiere. Other films confirmed include the short film Like Twenty Impossibles by Annemarie Jacir (Palestine, 2003) and the creative documentary A Magical Substance Flows into Me (Palestine, 2015) by Jumana Manna.

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Picture Palestine

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