There is nothing like the shared experience of enjoying a film with a room full of people. Oh wait, there is! Because if you go to one of the six IFFR Live shows, you could be joined by thousands of others. The third edition of the trailblazing IFFR Live programme is the biggest film festival screening in the world, streaming film events from Rotterdam simultaneously to every corner of Europe and beyond.
More than 45 cinemas are taking part, from the Netherlands to Milan, Basel, Sarajevo and Singapore. You can bridge the distance thanks to social media: all audiences can join in the discussion in the cinemas with the filmmakers and actors present at IFFR using #livecinema. So stay in your seat after the film for the ultimate festival experience full of interaction and film-related extras.

Fri 27 Jan
19:00, Mister Universo, present: film makers Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel.
22:30, Prevenge, present: actor Mike Wozniak, DoP Ryan Eddleston and composers Toydrum. 

Sat 28 Jan
16:00, The Man, present: film maker Charlotte Sieling, acteurs Søren Malling and Jakob Oftebro.
20:00, Home, present: film maker Fien Troch, actors Mistral Guidotti and Sebastian Van Dun.

Sun 29 Jan
16:00, A Wedding (Noces),present: film maker Stephan Streker, actors Lina El Arabi and Sébastien Houbani.
20:00, The Giant, present: film maker Johannes Nyholm, actors Christian Andrén, Johan Kylén and Anna Bjelkerud.


Films in ‘IFFR Live’