Thu 16 Jan: Line Boogaerts – live drawings                                
At the occasion of the official opening of the exhibition, the artist Line Boogaerts will perform her art of live drawings on the front windows of the location. Fri 27 Jan: Peter Kubelka – IMAGE AND OBJECT, a demonstration
The artist gives an introduction to his daily presentation of bread, butter and other archeological metaphors for the cinema. Sat 28 Jan: Floris Vanhoof – Bug Sounds/Vinyl Canon                                
The artist is also a musician and live performer. He will bring an excerpt from a larger installation project, involving a record player and a stag beetle. Sun 29 Jan: Andrew Lampert – Lesser Hazzards
Performer and film archivist Lampert euthanises a set of ‘wounded’ projectors to release them from their suffering. Warning: audience participation required. Mon 30 Jan: Piet Zwart Symposium – Media, Models and Metaphors
A day-long symposium that concludes at 17:00 with a presentation by Peter Kubelka. Also see  Tue 31 Jan: Mathijs van Oosterhoudt – Artist’s talk on the Focal Camera
A live encounter and demonstration by the artist, who uses the most unusual and yet very everyday materials in his questioning of our camera culture. Wed 1 Feb: Momo’s Typo’s
A crash course in automatic writing on vintage mechanical typewriters, based on a concept by Momo Bouchtaoui. Thu 2 Feb: Serge Onnen – It’s Always Darkest Before it Becomes Totally Black/live version
The artist brings his installation to life with a talk and some animation and music by a Chinese artist from the Rotterdam area.Fri 3 Feb & Sat 4 Feb: Teatro Dondolo – Nausea
A poetic-scientific performance, a live documentary about the sea visualised by means of shadows, projections and reflections. daily at 17:00, except for Piet Zwart Symposium (10:30-17:30), Het Atelier (Nieuwe Binnenweg 75), free admission, Fri 27 to Tue 31 Jan, 18:00-20:00, Peter Kubelka presents: Bread, Butter and other Metaphors after the Punch a Clock