Los territorios

Iván Granovsky

After the attack on Charlie Hebdo, Ivan, a young film producer and self-proclaimed “frivolous” son of a prominent Argentine journalist, sets off on a journey to sites of contemporary geopolitical conflict. It is no easy undertaking. Determining where the front line ends and this would-be war correspondent’s ego trip begins proves even more difficult.  

It’s a miracle that this film even exists, it seems. The three previous times that director and protagonist Iván Granovsky attempted to make a film, he relates with a sense of self-mockery, turned into fiascos. So he decided to follow in the footsteps of his father, a famous journalist with a love of geopolitical relations. However, making a documentary about the scenes of world conflict is no easy task, it turns out. From Greece to Brazil, from the Basque Country to Jerusalem, Granovsky is always too late, too early or in the wrong place. He asks clumsy questions, gets vague answers, and in the meantime receives e-mails from his mother telling him to repay his credit card debts to her.
The Territories is a film you can read like a newspaper, according to Granovsky. On the quiet, it is also a portrait of a thirty-something trying to find his way in a world full of opportunities, but with no idea of where to start.


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More information

Iván Granovsky
World premiere
Argentina, Brazil, Palestine
Spanish, English, Arabic, Basque
Ezequiel Pierri / Autocroma, Michael Wahrmann / Punta Colorada de Cinema, Julia Alves / Punta Colorada de Cinema, Silvia Cruz / Punta Colorada de Cinema, Jerónimo Quevedo / Un puma, Victoria Marotta / Un puma, Iván Granovsky / Autocroma, Ana Godoy / Hermanos Godoy, Marion Klotz / Autocroma, Alessio Rigo de Righi
Production Company
Autocroma, Punta Colorada de Cinema, Un puma, Hermanos Godoy
Iván Granovsky, Ezequiel Pierri, Ana Godoy, Félipe Galvez
Tebbe Schöningh
Ana Godoy
Production Design
Marina Raggio
Iván Granovsky, Alberto Ajaka, Rafael Spregelburd, Valeria Lois, Joana de Verona, Juncal Altzugarai, Barbara Gauvain