VPRO Previewdag (closed)


IFFR 2017

Back at IFFR 2017: the VPRO Preview Day and the VPRO Review Day. On both days, VPRO members and their guests can attend consecutive, exclusive screenings of a list of films from the crème de la crème of this festival edition. These festival highlights are selected by IFFR programmers and the VPRO film editors and screen from 10:00 to 23:30 hours in Pathé Schouwburgplein. A guaranteed hit!

There are two festival days to choose from: the VPRO Preview Day on Thursday 26 January and the VPRO Review Day on Friday 3 February.

N.B.: the programme is the same on both days and the films will have Dutch or English subtitles. In Pathé 7 everything starts 10 minutes later.

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Time schedule
10:00 Opening
10:10 La ragazza del mondo
11:54 Pauze
12:10 Fish Story
12:23 Lunch
13:25 The Handmaiden
15:49 Pauze
16:10 Moonlight
18:01 Diner
19:45 Paterson
21:43 Pauze
22:05 Quality Time
23:30 Einde