Jesse McLean is an artist motivated by a deep curiosity about human behaviour and relationships, and concerned with both the power and the failure of the mediated experience to bring people together. Recent videos put pressure on the ways emotions are lived in an age of mediated experience. Her collagist approach blends fiction and non-fiction forms and employs recognisable appropriated material alongside more elusive sources and material generated by the artist. 
Her latest work See a Dog, Hear a Dog is more specifically concerned with the fraught relationships people have with computers, technology that is equally relied upon and resented. Her artist talk will consider the production, proliferation, and consumption of media-related experiences, investigating how this transfer of information creates a bind of complex relationships between viewer and subject. Using selections from her work, she will examine the influence of media and technology on her own creative practice.

Mon 30 Jan, 12:00, KINO 4, free admission