For some time now, artists, filmmakers and other image creators have been experimenting with the representation of gender in the virtual world. This programme screens a number of works from the past decade of online video. It includes Ryan Trecartin’s work What's the Love Making Babies for (2003), in which surreal characters philosophise about the future of a post-gender world. AGATHA (2014) by Dorota Gaweda and Egle Kulbokaite goes one step further featuring a post-gender character Agatha Valkyrie Ice brought to life through social media. Interesting developments can also be found in online episodic work (such as Trans-Q Television Episode 1 (2013) by Suzie Silver) and videos highlighted by online magazines, for example the Dutch video What's a Gender (2015) by Sophie Dros.
GenderTube can be viewed online at and simultaneously on the Glamcult magazine website at During the festival, GenderTube can be viewed in the lobby of Het Nieuwe Instituut (Museumpark 25).