Signals: Bruce McClure

Using unique live projections created by 16mm projectors and film stock he has processed himself, McClure is more a visual artist than a filmmaker. An inimitable manipulator of light and sound, he belongs in the tradition of avant-garde pioneers such as Peter Kubelka, Ken Jacobs and Hollis Frampton.

McClure passes black & white 16-mm frames through his projectors in a loop, creating stroboscopic, multi-interpretable images. The same material that causes this layered flickering effect also forms the basis for the soundtrack, consisting of often disorienting, repetitive sounds that are constantly in development. McClure has been a regular guest of IFFR since 2003. At IFFR 2015, he will give eight performances, each bringing new surprises. His installation Courting Daylight in Saving Darkness can also be seen in Witte de With, and the festival is producing a limited-edition publication of the hand-written instructions McClure gives out to the audience of each of his performances.

Films in this programme