Curated streams of propaganda messages can be seen in the Newsroom exhibition. Audiences are invited to compare propagandistic messages with examples from advertising and popular culture that use a propagandistic style.
The following content will be shown on the channels: Channel: War - Jihad, ISIS and other extremist groups would never achieve their goals without the Internet, which they use as another powerful war weapon. Channel: Pop - Popular culture has been playing with images of fascism and propaganda lately. But to what extent is this ironic? Channel: Activism - Activists are the agents of a new global revolution. Activism is a new lifestyle. And if you don’t protest, you just don’t exist. Channel: Market - Propaganda and mass markets always go hand in hand. Channel: State - Russia, North Korea, China. These and some other countries still follow the old traditions of propaganda commissioned by authorities but are now spreading their messages online. Channel: DIY - Films produced in the workshop, 'Make Your Own Propaganda'. daily, 11:00-23:00, Newsroom, first floor Rotterdamse Schouwburg

Various Artists