Propaganda Channels

Various Artists

Curated streams of propaganda messages can be seen in the Newsroom exhibition. Audiences are invited to compare propagandistic messages with examples from advertising and popular culture that use a propagandistic style.
The following content will be shown on the channels: Channel: War - Jihad, ISIS and other extremist groups would never achieve their goals without the Internet, which they use as another powerful war weapon. Channel: Pop - Popular culture has been playing with images of fascism and propaganda lately. But to what extent is this ironic? Channel: Activism - Activists are the agents of a new global revolution. Activism is a new lifestyle. And if you don’t protest, you just don’t exist. Channel: Market - Propaganda and mass markets always go hand in hand. Channel: State - Russia, North Korea, China. These and some other countries still follow the old traditions of propaganda commissioned by authorities but are now spreading their messages online. Channel: DIY - Films produced in the workshop, 'Make Your Own Propaganda'. daily, 11:00-23:00, Newsroom, first floor Rotterdamse Schouwburg

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Various Artists