The Inseminator

Bui Kim Quy

Unusual people live on inaccessible mountains in Vietnam. They are regularly the subject of documentaries and visited by tourists. This time, they act in a very imaginative, Surrealistic film. An old father demands that his handicapped son produce an heir. His nubile Daughter waits in vain for her turn.

In the curious story of this magic-realistic film, the customs of ethnic mountain peoples in Vietnam are linked to the idiosyncrasies of modern art. There are three protagonists, who live on a lonely mountain. They are the old father and his two children: his beautiful, nubile daughter and a mentally handicapped son.
Tradition dictates that the son first has to marry in order to ensure the male family line is continued. For that, young men go to the annual marriage market, but the undesirable son returns every year without a bride. The old man is determined that his son will father a child before he dies and takes unusual measures to ensure this.
Not only is the story of The Inseminator filled with fantasy; its visual imaginative power is almost boundless. Surrealist dream scenes introduce a wealth of images. The film was banned in its own country, primarily because of the sexual themes, but also possibly because of its unruly form.

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