I Swear I'll Leave This Town

Daniel Aragão

After a period of rehab, the daughter of a politician in Recife has to reintegrate into society and adapt her behaviour to the wishes of her ambitious father. Propelled by a fantastic leading role from Bianca Joy Porte, Aragão's dynamic second film combines a retro-cool mood with contemporary anger. Nominated for The Big Screen Award

An ordinary job, a home of her own and someone who loves her - that’s all Joli Dornelles wants. But that’s easier said than done for a crack addict who’s just been discharged from a rehab clinic. Especially when your doctor doesn’t believe in your cure and says so, your sister-in-law carries on using and your father - who had you locked up in the first place - is using you to advance his political ambitions. Joli, who was already fairly unstable, sinks deeper and deeper into delusions, before finally losing the plot altogether.
I Swear I’ll Leave This Town is an unorthodox psychological thriller with more than a trace of retro-cool. The camera judders and shakes, the colour of the world fades in dreamlike images and the soundtrack composed by Parliament keyboard man Bernie Worrell is heavily psychedelic. Like the Brazilian distant cousin of Fellini and Buñuel, Daniel Aragão manages to transform the world into a merry-go-round of fury, disgust and desire.

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