Beyond Clueless

Charlie Lyne

A journey into the mind, body and soul of the teen comedy, this cameraless film consists entirely of scenes from a Hollywood genre that flourished particularly in the 1990s. With reference to more than 200 teen classics!

This first attempt at charting the undervalued genre of the teen film presents itself as a somewhat overzealous school assignment, with an utterly serious monologue commenting on a lavish selection of film clips. This voice-over however is interpreted by none other than cult teen star Fairuza Balk, of the three heroines from The Craft (1996).
Writer and director Charlie Lyne also contributes film reviews to The Guardian and runs his own blog, UltraCulture. His fetishisation of the period between the release of Clueless in 1995 and Mean Girls in 2004 results in a hybrid between close textual analysis and a passionate love-letter. The best moments are when the voice-over pauses and the viewer is allowed to dream away on a associative stream of nicely re-edited fragments, carried away by the original music from indie band Summer Camp.

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