No More Road Trips?

Rick Prelinger

Epic montage film based entirely on American amateur home movies, from many different regions and periods. And this trip down memory lane offers an active role to the audience: all viewers are explicitly invited to talk during the film, as there is no other soundtrack.

Founder of one of the most respected motion picture archives in the world, over the last decade Rick Prelinger has concentrated on home movies. From this historical collection of more than 9,000, he has compiled a road trip from New York to California.
This is also an opportunity for time-travel, with history embedded in the roadside views; traces of the Great Depression, World War II and Vietnam, the transition from two-lane roads to freeways, etc.
A contemporary audience may automatically wonder about oil prices, freedom of movement and the fading romanticism of conquering virgin territory.
Most home movies were silent but never quiet, filled with all the noise of family members. And they offered storytelling without stories. For Prelinger, viewing films should be like watching sport together: the live response of the audience is essential to make the film performance complete.

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