International Film Festival Rotterdam likes to look outside the confines of the projection screen. In the Signals programme For Real it was not the cinema screen, but everyday reality that constituted the canvas for unforgettable performances.

Nowadays, our consciousness is infused with moving images and film, to the extent that we start to experience reality as a film. With the rise of smartphones and wireless technique, the interaction between the virtual and physical space has become more intense. This has led to several new art forms with cinematic origins, such as the adding of an extra audio-visual layer on existing locations, scripting of real situations, or manipulating known situations with light and sound, animating the ‘City experience’ using a soundtrack: in all these examples new technologies contribute to the mash-up of film and reality.

During this edition of the festival, the boundaries between the professional filmmaker and the film lover, the film studio and the exhibition space, the script and spontaneous improvisation will blur further and further. Reality as a whole becomes a projection screen for new art forms. And the festival visitor transforms into an extra, actor or even a genuine filmmaker.

Films in ‘Signals: For Real’