Io e te

Bernardo Bertolucci

The great Bernardo Bertolucci (Novecento, The Last Emperor) made a small film largely set in a basement. There, the fierce, young adolescent Lorenzo is hiding from his mother, who thinks he is at ski camp. The unexpected arrival of his elder, addicted half sister turns his plans and his world upside down. The screenings on 27 and 30 January will be followed by Sedia elettrica - Il Making-of del film Io e te.

Lorenzo is a 14-year-old, hyper-intelligent loner with dark brown curls and bright blue eyes who is seeing a psychiatrist on the orders of his overly worried mother. Because he doesn’t want to go to ski camp with his classmates, he hides in the cellar of his parental home. There he receives his half-sister: the stunningly attractive, addicted and fairly unmanageable Olivia.
Me and You - a coming-of-age film that also has something to say about family bonds and the state of Italy now - is a film version of the novel by Italian bestseller author Niccolò Ammaniti, who also co-wrote the screenplay. The director is the veteran Bernardo Bertolucci; it’s his first film since The Dreamers in 2003, and the first film he has made in Italy in 30 years.
Debutant actors Jacopo Olmo Antinori and Tea Falco are beautiful in the leading roles and the ever-present soundtrack features songs by The Cure, Arcade Fire, Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers and David Bowie.

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