In Michel Gondry's Home Movie Factory, amateurs make a short film at high speed. In this amateur film factory, anyone can set to work. Talent, experience and training are not relevant, but enthusiasm is. With several ready-made film sets and pieces of equipment, various teams start work after an introductory workshop and, in a record time of three hours, they make a short film together (including their own design for the DVD cover). The team is given a DVD of the film to take home. In addition, a copy is put in the video library, where clients can watch the film.
The basis for Home Movie Factory can be found in Gondry's film Be Kind Rewind (2008), in which the protagonists play out well-known films with their own home-made props and sets. The do-it-yourself film style was called sweding in the film, based on the self-invented Swedish origins of the strange works. For instance on the YouTube Channel Be Kind Rewind, countless sweded films can now be seen.
Wed 25 Jan to Sun 4 March, Roodkapje ROTTTERDAM, reservations recommended.

Original title
L'usine de films amateurs
Michel Gondry