From the overwhelming worldwide production, the IFFR has selected 210 short films, including thirteen ‘short features’ with durations between forty and sixty minutes, for its dedicated section ‘Spectrum: Shorts’.

All films were screened during a five-day event in festival location Lantaren/Venster. Here festival audiences, filmmakers and industry professionals gathered to watch the films, introduce their works and meet for getting the lowdown on the latest developments. The films are grouped by four or five titles in screening slots of 80 minutes that allow introductions and Q&A sessions. The Shorts Marathon, a usually sold out program of repeat screenings, took place on Saturday February 6.

Spectrum: Shorts 2010 presents six programs of narrative works including premieres of medium lengths films by Geetu Mohan Das (India), José Luis Torres Leiva (Chili), Terril Calder (Canada) and Julia Kozyreva (Russia/Estonia). Furthermore, Spectrum: Shorts comprises a wide range of essayistic, abstract and experimental short filmmaking by, among many others, Jem Cohen (USA), John Price (Canada), Liu Wei (China), Kleber Mendonca Filho (Brazil) and prolific US filmmaker Kevin Jerome Everson who presents four films in IFFR 2010: his short films Company Line and The Citizens as well as his feature film Erie in Spectrum and the commissioned short film BZV in the Africa focus program.

Focus on Jim Jennings, homage to Frank Cole 
As part of Spectrum: Shorts, NYC-based filmmaker Jim Jennings will present eight of his recent 16 mm works, all filmed on location in his home town. Mostly edited in the camera Jennings' films are tributes to the NYC landscape and urban architecture. Jennings will attend the festival to introduce his films.

More shorts films in various program sections 
Giving each film its appropriate context, the IFFR presents many shorts film in various sections of the festival together with feature length films or as part of performances or installations.

Connected with IFFR's new initiative Cinema Reloaded, the special festival section Kino Climates brings together, for the first time ever, organizers from some thirty independent art house cinemas across Europe and beyond. Daily meetings and debates that look to the future of independent theatrical film distribution will be followed during the evenings by presentations, screenings of 31 short films and live performance previews of hybrid cinematic productions. Performing artists are among others: Martha Colburn (with live music by Knalpot and composer Thollem Mc Donal), Greg Pope & Mike Cooper, Floris Vanhoof, Pascal Baes and Gran Lux.

Films in ‘Spectrum Shorts’