Welcome to the treasure trove of cinema. This part of the Signals section is a dive into film history where you will find forgotten gems, restored discoveries and films and documentaries about cinema.

City Marketing is now a well-known term, but the city of Rotterdam had been practicing this long before the phrase was invented. At least that's what we can deduce from De stad die nooit rust (The city that never rests) from photographer/cameraman Andor Von Barsy. This commissioned film, shot in 1928 was made to promote the port of Rotterdam and was thought to be lost forever, but the festival will show it in a restored version. Since those times much as changed in Rotterdam, but it's still a fitting title for the city on the river Maas.

Martin Scorsese is active in supporting the restoration of the classics. He made the personal documentary A Letter to Elia from well chosen fragments of his own work, in order to unravel the influence of one of his biggest inspirations, Elia Kazan. He doesn't leave out some of the darker times in Kazan's life: during the communist witch-hunts, Kazan chose the side of McCarthy and this turned him from a celebrated to a hated filmmaker. The exploitation films that are the subject of Machete Maidens Unleashed! seem to have had very little effect on film history. This doesn't make the crazy clips and personal confessions of the directors, actors and stuntmen that discovered a B-film paradise in the Philippines in the seventies any the less entertaining and wonderful.

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