Retour de flamme

Serge Bromberg

Film archeologist Serge Bromberg opens a treasure chest of unique cartoons that illustrate how the imagination of animators has been triggered by the 3D-effect for many decades. He even sheds a new light on some original Méliès films.

Since 1985, Bromberg has been bringing a wild variety of short films, commercials and animations back in circulation, either in the cinema, on television or via their own DVD label.
This collection, however, can only be experienced in a cinema with the proper set of anaglyph (red-green) or polarised glasses. From behind his piano, Bromberg demonstrates how the film industry has been developing 3D techniques throughout the entire 20th century. Besides American examples from the Fleischers, Disney and Charley Bowers, there is also a Soviet 'Parade of Attractions'.
As a climax, Bromberg has joined two film prints by Méliès together, to obtain a bizar 3D effect. Frustrated by all the plagiarism, Méliès decided to shoot his films with two synchronised cameras. Having two negatives of the same action, he could then release the same title concurrently in Europe and the USA, and thus be ahead of any bootleg copies.

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