Caroline Kamya

The great technical accomplishment and complex narrative structure of Imani are exceptional in African cinema, and have led comparisons with Magnolia. The sensitive stories interwoven here are told in a very special way.

The story of the film takes place on one day in the present, following three different characters in Uganda. A Uganda that is trying to recover from traumatic times, such as those of dictator Idi Amin and the later civil war that was notorious for the LRA's (Lord's Resistance Army) use of child soldiers.
One of the three characters was indeed a child soldier, the other two a household help and a hip-hop dancer. Set in the capital Kampala and the province of Gulu, the three protagonists do not meet each other, but their stories show what is involved in order to survive in a country like Uganda. The word Imani means 'faith' and that is one of the things that you need, according to the female filmmaker.
Kamya made an ambitious film that is unusual within the present African cinematic climate thanks to its cinematographic and narrative level. It was shot using an advanced Red Digital camera.

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