Fleurs du mal

David Dusa

Bubbly and energetic love story about a boy who is a free spirit and moves through Paris dancing and an Iranian girl who is in exile in the City of Light. Using media such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, they follow the situation in Iran and each other. Rebellious feature debut by David Dusa.

Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia and YouTube play a crucial role in this sparkling, urgent debut about a kid who does free running on the streets of Paris and a young Iranian woman in exile who follows the news of her homeland from Paris with increasing concern.
The Green Revolution reaches the rest of the world through the social media, and the reports are harrowing. For instance, a certain Marjane_lime twitters: ‘Don’t know when I’ll have internet they took 1 of us, they’ll torture, get names, must move fast.’ Internet appeals ensure organised traffic jams in Teheran and close down the power supply.
The high spirits of the two young lovers Gecko and Anahita run parallel to the energy emerging in Iran and being oppressed with increasing cruelty. The shot is regularly interrupted by a Twitter message, so phrases such as ‘What’s new’ and ‘less than 5 seconds ago’ form an organic part of the film, just as they are the lifeline of Gecko and Anahita.

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