The White Stripes: Under Great White Northern Lights

Emmett Malloy

The mean blues-rock duo The White Stripes tours the whole of Canada in 2007. The whole of Canada, so not just the big cities. In this Arctic Rock documentary, the controlled Jack and Meg White, surrounded by ice and snow, slowly start to thaw.

To mark their 10th anniversary, the mean blues-rock duo The White Stripes toured Canada in 2007. Instead of the usual handful of big cities, Jack and Meg White go all over the country. They even go to places where no one has heard of them. In addition to each official concert, they give surprise gigs, from bowling alleys to city buses or flour mills. They turn up everywhere. In this way the couple again find themselves playing in front of audiences who have never heard of them - just like in their early days.
From the very start, the duo have meticulously built up their image, for instance always using the colour scheme red, white and black. The confrontation with the unknown world of Arctic landscapes and the Inuit means that Jack and Meg White have to reveal something of themselves in this documentary.

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