My Queen Karo

Dorothée van den Berghe

The Belgian girl Karo moves in the 1970s with her parents to Amsterdam, at that time a city dominated by left-wing ideals and experimental ways of life. She becomes the basis of her parents' quarrels. Autobiographically inspired, sensitive coming-of-age drama by the maker of Meisje.

Ten-year-old Karo moves with her parents in the mid-1970s from Brussels to Amsterdam, the city where anything goes. Her father Raven is fighting for the redistribution of property and practices free love, to the great frustration of Karo’s shy yet sensible mother, Dalia. The family lives with several other hippies in a large squat, without privacy or running water. In a strange city, in a house without walls, Karo becomes the pawn of her quarrelling parents. Every friendship she makes is quickly ended. Jackie, the downstairs neighbour and whore with a golden heart is kicked out by the landlord and the children of squatter Alice are taken by their bourgeois father. It's only in the bright blue water of the swimming pool that Karo finds any comfort. Dorothée van den Berghe (Girl, 2002) makes use of her own experiences as a teenager in Amsterdam in the 1970s.

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