La chatte à deux têtes

  • 90'
  • France
  • 2002
It's a phenomenon that has almost died out: the porn cinema where films are still screened on celluloid. Actor, writer and director Nolot wanted to make a film about it, before it was too late.
This second part of his trilogy about homosexuality turned into an almost nostalgic love story. For a few euro, the visitors to the nameless porn cinema watch Glowing Eyes (‘the pussy with two heads’). The cashier apparently fancies one of the regular visitors, a charming man in his fifties (played by Nolot himself). The man, in turn, has taken a fancy to the new projectionist, but this boy is fascinated by the charms of the experienced box-office lady. In the lobby, the three tell each other their life stories. There's less talking in the auditorium. With as few words as possible, the visitors - all of them men - find what they're looking for: a discharge, adventure or supplementary income, all of this according to unwritten rules and customs. The auditorium, with crooked seats and a floor covered in stains, is not made any more attractive than it is, just like the sexual acts that take place between the visitors. Everything is shown directly without juicy soft focus or horny musical background. The soundtrack is made up largely of the groaning on the silver screen. It is only at the end when the protagonists go home that we hear music. The three of them will work it out…

Jacques Nolot
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 2008
International title
Glowing Eyes
Pauline Duhault
Production Company
Elia Films
Elia Films
Jacques Nolot
Germain Desmoulins
Sophie Reine
Production Design
Patrick Durand
Sound Design
Jean-Louis Ughetto
Olivier Torres, Jacques Nolot, Vittoria Scognamiglio