Africa Dreaming

  • 26'
  • South Africa
  • 1997
Series of six short African films about love. The Last Picture (Farai Sevenzo, Zimbabwe): portrait photographer from the big city Harare falls in love with the young third wife of a man in the country. So Be It (Joseph Gai Ramaka, Senegal): a woman loves a man, but this stranger becomes engrossed in his work in a hospital. The White and the Black (Abderrahmane Sissako, Tunisia): two men who have shared a love for chess since their youth are driven apart by two women. Mamlambo (Zola Maseko, South Africa): magic story about the love between a black street boy and a Chinese girl who is forced into prostitution. The Look of the Stars (Ribeiro, Mozambique): a boy fleeing finds shelter with his uncle and becomes involved in the conflict between his ex-wife and her new alcoholic husband. The Homecoming (Milly Jafta, Namibia): after an absence lasting years, a woman finds out on her return that her sister has taken her place in the family.
Abderrahmane Sissako
Country of production
South Africa
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 2007
Catalyst Films
João Ribeiro
Orlando Mesquita