In his recent work, Mark Lewis investigates the meaning of camera movements and the development of narrative in relation to the duration of a film. As with all his films, Lewis worked with a professional film crew for North Circular. The film is made up of one four-minute shot on 35mm film. The first image shows a deserted terrain with, in the background, a building several floors high. After some minutes, the camera zooms in, moves, and the perspective is changed; a movement that is reminiscent of a computer game. Then the camera zooms in further and reveals the real significance of our previous vague observations. The presentation of his film as an installation in the exhibition space is of importance for Lewis. The surroundings give him an opportunity to break through the conventions of the feature film and make it possible for the visitor to move freely relative to the image. The work of Mark Lewis encourages the viewer to remain conscious of genres, clichés, the conventions and fragmentary character of film. On show in Witte de With.

Mark Lewis
United Kingdom