Demasiado amor

  • 97'
  • Mexico
  • 2001
In the romantic comedy Demasiado amor, the Mexican orphan sisters Beatriz and Laura dream of emigrating to a different country, where they want to run a lodging house. They don't have enough money for two tickets to Europe, so one of them will have to go on in advance. The plan is that the other will remain behind to support the sister abroad financially.Left behind on her own, Beatriz also wants to go to Europe. Life doesn't seem to have much to offer her, except a boring office job that she would prefer to give up. Then she meets Carlos and falls in love with him. After his sudden disappearance, Beatriz turns out to be very popular and has affairs with a whole series of boyfriends. But she is left with the dream of finding that one true love, the one man who will take her along on a voyage of discovery through her own country, to beautiful spots the existence of which she had never suspected.Beatriz makes a journey to herself that makes her realise that she will not find happiness abroad. The different characters that Beatriz meets on her journey all serve as models in different ways for Mexican society.Ernesto Rimoch: 'Demasiado amor is a story about loneliness, abandonment, exile, betrayal, family and love; love for others, but above all love for yourself.'
Ernesto Rimoch, Ernesto Rimoch
Countries of production
Mexico, Spain
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 2002
International title
To Love, Too Much...
Artifice Producciones, Ernesto Rimoch
Artifice Producciones
Eva Saraga, Ernesto Rimoch