De bruit et de fureur

Jean-Claude Brisseau

The vicissitudes of Bruno (13), who has to stay on his feet in a poor suburb of Paris. This flamboyant film with a documentary, occasionally violent approach mixes realism, dream and lyricism.

De bruit et de fureur starts when Bruno (13) moves to a poor outer suburb of Paris. He is left to fend for himself by his mother and his only company in the cheap rental apartment is a canary. At school, a young teacher gives him some time time and attention. Bruno is introvert, not like his aggressive fellow pupils, and so he is an outsider. Yet he becomes friends with the rebellious delinquent Jean-Roger, who lives in the same block. Bruno discovers the surroundings of this coarse and provocative kid, who has an authoritarian father and friends who lose themselves in senseless violence. Bruno becomes a passive spectator as blood and fire are unleashed.This flamboyant film with a dash of Shakespeare mixes realism, dream world and lyricism. The basis is documentary, violent and real. The picture of the world provided is a harsh one. This image is however repeatedly interrupted by dreams. Education and dignity are the two forces in this humanist film; they lead Jean-Roger towards salvation. De bruit et de fureur is a work that poses questions about our role as spectator - of the film and of the world. (Jacques Déniel)

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